Board of Directors

The composition and structure of the NOSP Board of Directors are defined by the Bylaws and Board Policies of the agency, and allow for representation from each of NOSP’s main communities. To ensure representation and a voice from the different areas and groups of the expansive NOSP Service Area, the NOSP Board optimizes on the access and use of technology to conduct business.

The NOSP Board of Directors ensures there is district wide representation as well as a strong and diverse skill set.


Adam Brown, Chair


With a professional designation of Chartered Professional Accountant and Master of Health Administration, Adam is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the North of Superior Healthcare Group bringing experience and value from both a business and health care perspective.

Kashak, Doug

Doug Kashak, Vice-Chair

Beardmore/Terrace Bay/Schreiber

Manager with the Children’s Aid Society for the District of Thunder Bay for the Nipigon and Geraldton area, Doug holds a HBSW in Social Work from Lakehead University and is highly involved in youth activities in the Nipigon area spending much of his spare time coaching Hockey, acting as the Vice President for the Nipigon Elks Hockey Association and facilitator of The Jump Start program.


Jocelyn Bourgoin, Treasurer


Bringing diverse experience and perspective from the health, community and municipal sectors, Jocelyn is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Santé Manitouwadge Health. Prior to this he held positions as a Director of Community Services at Manitouwadge General Hospital, Chief of EMS/Superior North EMS, Mayor of Manitouwadge, Education Trustee, and Ambulance Manager/Paramedic at Manitouwadge Ambulance Service. Jocelyn also currently holds the Chair position with the Northwest Health Alliance Board, and is a senator with Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs.

Koroscil, Lise

Lise Koroscil, Director


Lise brings a wealth of experience and expertise from management, finance and municipality perspective rooted from her 21 years as District Clerk at Trans Canada Pipelines and while holding a position as Office Manager for the Municipality of Greenstone and past member of the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario.

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Don Plumridge, Director


Informing his commitment to customer (client) service, Don is the successful Owner/Operator of Plumridge Air. With a keen passion for ensuring equitable access to mental health service for the Armstrong area, Don has a long history with NOSP going as far back as when ISNC was operational. Don has also served on the Board of Directors for the Armstrong Resources Development Corporation since 1993 and a long standing member of the Ontario Moose Bear Allocation Advisory Committee for 35 years.

Goodchild, Beverly

Beverley Goodchild, Director

Nipigon/Dorion/Red Rock

With a commitment to wellness, community safety and justice, Beverley is an active member of the Greenstone Victim Services Board, the Independent First Nations Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women Network as well as participant of the Nokiiwin’s Disability network. Beverley is also employed with Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek as the Holistic Wellness Coordinator.

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