About NOSP

North of Superior Counselling Programs is a leading, innovative, non-profit, accredited community based mental health and addictions agency that was founded in 1983. We are committed to supporting healthy communities in the North of Superior District. We provide a full range of culturally responsive counselling and wellness programs to assist individuals of any age and families.

Through our comprehensive system of programs and support services, we provide the tools necessary to help people confront issues, understand problems and make life changes towards a brighter future, regardless of age, culture or background.  NOSP places high value on working collaboratively with our community partners while ensuring that our Counsellors support and empower health people, resilient families and vibrant communities.

Our Vision

Healthy People, Resilient Families, Vibrant Communities across the rural District of Thunder Bay

Our Mission

Working together to optimize health and well-being.

Our Values


We put people first by being respectful, compassionate, supportive and caring.

Respect for Diversity

We are committed to inclusion.


We are committed to superior service, evidence-based practice and continuous learning.


We are committed to building connections and working with all communities and partnering agencies/groups.

Transparency and Accountability

We are open and responsible.


We welcome and support the creative exchange of ideas.

Safety and Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring the provision of safe and accessible service delivery within a healthy work environment.