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2019 - 2020 ANNUAL REPORT


It’s impossible to close the 2019-2020 fiscal year without acknowledging the global COVID-19 Pandemic. With what seemed to be in a blink of an eye, business as usual was halted and a whole new normal descended upon us. With schools and businesses ordered to close their doors and people encouraged to stay home, life as we knew it became radically different. At NOSP, we always look at change as an opportunity; we may not have any power over what is happening around us, but how we choose to respond is where our power truly lies. As such, we worked hard to shift from face to face service to incorporate the introduction of virtual services that included both telephone and video sessions to ensure quick access to single “Call-in vs Walk-in” counselling session, continuation of longer-term counselling sessions, and other vital services clients and partners rely on from NOSP.

Although 2019-2020 ended differently than we had ever experienced, NOSP continued to maintain a foundational commitment to the three main strategic directions of Optimizing Mental Health and Addiction Service System, Whole Health and System Capacity and Resilience. Regardless of what the new normal ahead may bring, NOSP will continue our commitment to SHINE Strong by caring for our Crew and ensuring client-centered systems of care are at the core of all planning and service delivery while also remaining rooted in innovative approaches, local solutions and our strategic transformation priorities.

NOSP has, and will always be strong advocates with regards to the fact that mental health is health; mental health matters and most importantly, rural mental health is, and needs to be, a priority. Now more than ever as we continue down the unknown path of what this pandemic has ahead of us, mental health needs to be made a priority on every level of awareness and planning. Let’s SHINE Strong together and make mental health a HEALTH priority! #strongertogether #SHINEstrong

Shannon Cormier
Executive Director
Adam Brown
Board Chair


NOSP provides mental health and addiction services and support across the lifespan. In our Children/Youth programs, NOSP provides several different Core Services including:

With regards to Adult Programming, NOSP provides:

Total Individuals Served

Description 2019-2020
Total Children/Youth Served 1,838
Total Adults Served 1,662
TOTAL 3,500

Total Client Visits Across the Lifespan

Description 2019-2020
Total Children/Youth Served 6,978
Total Adults Served 5,592
TOTAL 12,570

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.



The Senior Volunteer in Service Program (SVIS) is a free friendly visiting program that provides seniors who live alone with companionship with another senior volunteer.

Everyday life can be a challenge for anyone – regardless of age. For many seniors, coping with isolation can be difficult. SVIS helps provide support with matching seniors and volunteers to reduce the sense of isolation and increase connection, companionship and support.

ADULT PROGRAM Program/Stat 2019-2020 Q4 Actuals
Individuals Served 67
District Volunteers 4

Volunteers Wanted!

If you’d like to learn more about our SVIS program and are interested in supporting seniors in your community please call 877-895-6677.

group of seniors seated


The Rent Supplement/Support in Housing Program is available to support people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, to secure safe, affordable and permanent housing by providing a rent supplement and ongoing support. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year NOSP received new core funding for an additional 8 rental units, bringing out count from 16 to 24.

Description 2019-2020
Number of funded units 24
Individuals served 24


Ontario Tele-Medicine (OTN)

235 Specialized service sessions
49 Counselling sessions


1500+ Meetings, video-counselling sessions, and consultations
NOSP phone-in and video counselling flyer


Client Experience Total Surveys Completed Overall Satisfaction Children’s Program Overall Satisfaction Adult Program
Satisfaction with care received 435 82% 92%
Client have enough input in care/treatment 88% 94%
Treated with dignity and respect 100% 96%

What Clients are Saying


STRATEGIC DIRECTION: Optimize Mental health & Addiction Service System

Crisis Response Planning:

Access to Crisis Response Services has been a longstanding gap for all communities across the District of Thunder Bay. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, NOSP received some funding to host 5 community hub engagement sessions to help inform a Crisis Response Planning Process with multiple community partners in Manitouwadge, Marathon, Schreiber/Terrace Bay, Nipigon and Greenstone area. The engagement sessions helped successfully inform proposal applications that have resulted in new funding for the initiation of Joint Mobile Crisis services in the Greenstone and Nipigon areas with intentions of further funding in other communities when be funding opportunity arise. The process also resulted in further transition planning between OPP and Hospitals across the District that has commitment to continue development in 2020-2021.

5 District of Thunder Bay Community Hub Engagement Sessions

Rural RAAM Clinic Collaborations:

NOSP is a proud collaborative partner with the Marathon Family Health Team, Nipigon District Family Health Team and PACE in the launch of 2 Rural District RAAM Clinics in the communities of Marathon and Nipigon.

District of Thunder Bay Situation Tables:

NOSP continues to be an active collaborative partner with the 3 different Situation Tables across the District with numerous successes in supporting clients and identified community gaps.

Partnership with School Boards:

There have been a number of opportunities to strengthen collaborative planning with school boards throughout the fiscal year, including but not limited to, scheduling walk-in counselling clinics at schools, shared training opportunities, NOEL programming in the Greenstone area, and on-site crisis response support.


Social Media Platform:

NOSP has been working on building a more visible social media platform to raise awareness, help reduce stigma and increase connection and communication with communities across the District of Thunder Bay.

Rent Supplement/Supportive Housing Program expansion:

NOSP received an increase in funding to support an additional 8 rent supplement units (for a total of 24 units) to further offer support for clients who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

Community Hub Planning:

Focused on ensuring local solutions, NOSP has been active partners in 3 Community Hub Planning tables across the District that are focused on strengthening community care systems and localized solutions for gaps, service pressures and strategic collaborative planning.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION: System Capacity Resilience

Mental Health Across the Lifespan:

NOSP is a proud provider of mental health across the lifespan. Throughout the 2019-2020 fiscal year we have worked hard to streamline internal systems and protocols that will better support a more efficient and effective system that benefits access, clients, and staff.

Virtual Service Delivery:

As a result of responding to COVID-19, NOSP continuously remained available throughout the pandemic by shifting from primarily face-to-face counselling to also including telephone and video counselling options to ensure quick and ongoing access to mental health and addiction support throughout such a difficult trying time.

At Work:

In the 2019 Guarding Minds workplace survey, staff reported a number of workplace “strengths” with “minimal concerns.” The survey also indicated an average score with regards to more satisfaction than stress and overall satisfaction in terms of positive mental health culture. Improving the workplace is an ongoing commitment to ensuring a strong healthy work environment, strong system resilience and long-term sustainability.



“This condensed financial information has been extracted from the audited financial statements for the year ended March 31 ,2020. For more detailed information, please send a request to


The accredited services and support provided by NOSP would not be possible without the dedicated efforts and commitment of the NOSP Crew:

Thank You, Merci, Miigwech NOSP Crew!


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