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For Children, Youth, & Families

If you, a family member or friend is struggling, we are here to help.

The infant and child support services are designed to improve a family’s ability to deal with a child’s mental health issues, as well as enhance parent infant/child relationships, accessing developmental assessments and support, as well as contribute to overall family resilience and well-being.

NOSP offers both brief and long term counselling services for children between the ages of 7 and 12, which may also include case coordination and advocacy as well.

Brief Counselling consists of 1 to 4 sessions, combining treatment that also has an educational component designed to support a child and/or family with a single area of concern (i.e. a life event causing significant stress).

Long-term Counselling can involve both individual and family sessions.  The service begins with an assessment, regular weekly sessions and a re-assessment taking place every six months to ensure positive progress.  Long-term Counselling may be beneficial for children experiencing significant emotional, social, and/or behavioral issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, self-harm or attention deficit issues.

Appointments can occur at the NOSP office, school, home, or other space that has been decided safe and acceptable for a session.

Youth who may be experiencing, or at risk for, social, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic difficulties have access to individual counselling, family intervention, and a wide range of other specialized treatment options to help address mental health needs such as anxiety, depression, substance use, identity, and sexuality.

Appointments can occur at the NOSP office, school, home, or other space that has been decided safe and acceptable for a session.

If a youth is struggling with substance use, NOSP can help with supportive counselling as well as complete assessments necessary to make referrals to residential treatment centers. NOSP will support the youth while they wait for treatment, and once they return home with follow up support.

For clients registered with NOSP for mental health counselling, NOSP is able to refer and access specialized services such as Coordinated Service Planning, Complex Case Planning, rural psychology and tele-psychiatry for assessments and diagnosis.

For more information, or to book an appointment, call:

1 (877) 895-6677

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For Parents

Growing up and raising children and youth in today’s society is like no other time in history; NOSP offers a range of services and support for parents, caregivers and families to help navigate when things are tough.

Brief Counselling consists of 1 to 4 sessions, combining treatment that and an educational component designed to support parents with a single area of concern (i.e. how to best support their teen through a challenge they are experiencing at school for the first time)

Growing up in today’s society is not easy, which also can sometimes make parenting a challenge to navigate as well.  NOSP is able to provide different education sessions for parents, caregivers and families to help develop essential knowledge and skills to help navigate the different needs of children and youth in their care.

Triple P is an evidence-based parenting program that has been proven to be effective in helping to improve child/youth behavioral issues, instilling confidence in parents, and helping parents to feel less stressed, angry and depressed.  It is also designed to prevent future problems by promoting positive family relationships.

For more information, or to book an appointment, call:

1 (877) 895-6677

Confidentiality & Consent

Anything discussed between you and your counsellor is private and confidential within the agency. Clients entering into service are required to be entered into an Electronic Client Information/Management System. This system is confidential and access is limited to authorized staff.

In order for us to release information about you outside the agency, you must first give us permission to do so. This permission must be documented in writing and remains in your client file. Clients over the age of 12 years are able to give or withhold consent regarding release of information and can revoke consent at any time.

There are some limits to confidentiality, required by law, where information may be given without your consent. These include:

  • Cases of suspected child abuse or neglect will be reported to the appropriate child welfare agency
  • A subpoena or summons is served by the court
  • Duty to warn: reasonable belief that informing is necessary to prevent a risk of death or serious injury
  • A medical emergency
  • When a person arrives impaired and insists on driving, the police will be notified if alternative arrangements are refused

For more information, or to book an appointment, call: 1-877-895-6677


For Schools

With children and youth spending the majority of their days in school, NOSP recognizes, and works closely with, schools as an important partner in supporting mental health of the students.

NOSP accepts referrals from schools for mental health counselling.  Once a referral is received, if the child/youth is under 12 NOSP will need parental consent to provide services.  If the child/youth is over 12 they are able to provide their own consent for service.

NOSP works with schools when there is a need for intervention or brief support services.  Please call the local NOSP office for more details.

If schools notice a ‘trend’ that impacts mental health, NOSP will work with schools to design targeted prevention education session to help address the issues.

For more information, or to book an appointment, call:

1 (877) 895-6677

Access Network

The Access Network provides a single point of access to children’s services and supports for families in the District of Thunder Bay.  If you know your child, youth or teen is having an issue, but not sure just what they need, calling the Access Network can help guide you to the best starting point.

Some of the services and supports that the Access Network can potentially connect you with include:

  • Children’s Mental Health
  • Autism Services
  • Respite Services
  • Infant/Child Development
  • Communication, Physical and Development Needs
  • Parent/Caregiver Support

Toll Free Access Network number: 1-855-486-5037  or call your local NOSP and let them know you would like an Access Network appointment.

To connect with The Access Network, call toll free: 1-855-486-5037